What Are The Benefits Of Chai Tea? 

Did you taste chai tea? If yes, then here are some benefits of chai tea you should know. Before going ahead let’s understand what chai tea is first. Chai tea is nothing but tea, but in India, it means tea with milk. Although the word chai in western countries usually means black tea with spices, milk, and sugar. But the real chai is made pure with no spices. Without further discussion, let’s know some major benefits of chai tea

What Are The Benefits Of Chai Tea? 

Here is a long list of some important benefits of chai tea

  1. Rich In Antioxidant 
  2. Boosts Heart Health 
  3. Fight Lethargy
  4. Improves Digestion 
  5. Lower Inflammation 
  6. Good For Your Skin 
  7. Combat Colds 
  8. Exemplary For Your Brain 
  9. Eases Sore Throats 
  10. Soothes Nausea 
  11. Reduces Muscle Pain 

Benefits Of Chai Tea 

There are multiple benefits of drinking chai tea. Let’s have a detailed discussion over some health benefits of chai tea. 

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  1. Rich In Antioxidant 

One of the amazing benefits of chai tea Latte is that it is antioxidant rich. You might know that antioxidants fight free radicals in your body and kill free radicals. By doing this it promotes cellular health, and can even help prevent degenerative disease and certain forms of cancer.

  1. Boosts Heart Health 

Are there benefits of chai tea powder? Yes, there are. Chai tea can boost your heart health. Because the ingredients in chai tea have been shown to help boost heart health. Black tea contains flavonoids, which are a special compound that contains the key to many of black tea’s important health benefits.

  1. Fight Lethargy 

Are you lazy and feeling low? Let’s have a cup of chai tea, you will feel energetic. Because chai tea contains a moderate amount of caffeine to give you a welcome boost of energy when you are feeling lethargic. The only suggestion is to not consume chai tea frequently and in large quantities because more caffeine is not good.

  1. Enhance Digestion 

Is chai tea good for your stomach? Yes. One of the ultimate benefits of chai tea at night is that it will enhance your digestion system. Studies reported that consuming black tea can have a positive impact on your digestion system, and can help to prevent gastrointestinal troubles when they arise.

  1. Lower Inflammation 

The chai tea benefits before bed and lower inflammation problems. Because chai contains a high amount of ingredients that can help with inflammation, including ginger, black tea, cinnamon, and cardamom. Chai ta can help to reduce inflammation in the body, which can soothe muscle soreness and chronic pain.

  1. Good For Your Skin 

What are the benefits of chai tea for skin? This is one of the most popping up questions on the internet. Chai tea benefits skin in various ways, it gives your skin a glow by killing free radicals. Black tea is high in a variety of vitamins and minerals that are good for the skin, including magnesium, zinc, and potassium.

  1. Combat Colds 

The benefits of chai tea before bed will help you to fight off colds. Black tea contains catechins, which have antiviral properties that help prevent common illnesses such as colds and flu. Ginger has antibacterial properties that help fight diseases such as strep throat.

  1. Exemplary For Your Brain 

Drinking chai tea can help you to improve your cognitive function and help you focus. Studies suggest that cinnamon can help to enhance cognition and reduce cognitive impairment. Ginger also has been shown to help improve cognitive function.

  1. Eases Sore Throats 

If you are dealing with a sore throat, a cup of warm, spicy chai tea can help to soothe the symptoms. Ingredients like black tea, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, and cardamom all contain antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties that can help to soothe a sore throat.

  1. Soothes Nausea 

One of the benefits of vanilla chai tea is its soother causes. A cup of chai tea can be an easy, effective, and ultimate solution to soothe nausea and calm an upset stomach. Ginger has been shown to help calm nausea and morning sickness associated with pregnancy, and can help you to feel better if you are feeling queasy or experiencing nausea.

  1. Reduces Muscle Pain 

Muscle pain is one of the uneasy conditions to deal with. A tasty cup of chai tea can help you to deal with it. Ginger has also been shown to help reduce pain and soothe sore muscles. A recent study found that consuming ginger can help treat muscle pain and soreness caused by exercise. This is one of the benefits of rooibos chai tea.

Side Effects Of Chai Tea 

The chai tea side effects are, 

  1.  Reduces iron absorption 
  2. Poor sleep 
  3. Heartburn 
  4. Pregnancy complications 
  5. Headaches 
  6. Dizziness 
  7. Increased anxiety, restlessness, and stress  

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Is It OK To Drink Chai Tea Everyday?

As a rule of thumb, chai tea contains about one third the amount of caffeine as a regular cup of coffee and about one sixth the amount of a strong cup of coffee. That means you can consume several cups of chai tea a day without the negative side effects associated with several cups of coffee.

Is Chai Tea Healthier Than Coffee?

If you want a healthier alternative to coffee, chai wins hands down. It’s still comforting, tasty and hot, can be taken with or without sugar and can be made without milk or with low-fat creamer, if you’re cutting down.

When Should I Drink Chai Tea?

Try an evening brew to wind down. Have your final tea half an hour before you go to bed, preferably in your pyjamas. This cup is an ideal way to unwind before you hit the pillow. Try our Turmeric & Raw Honey Chai.

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Is Chai Tea Good For Kidneys?

Tea also contains oxalate, over consumption of which can cause kidney damage.It is known to soak up free calcium and other minerals found in the body.It could also promote kidney stone formation and effect other parts of body.

Can I Drink Chai On Empty Stomach?

Can one have tea on empty stomach? “Tea contains tannins that can cause little of acidity. IF a person has severe acidity, then maybe one should try and avoid having a very strong cup of tea first thing the morning on empty stomach. You can add a little bit more milk to make it less stronger in that case,” says Palan.

How Healthy Is Chai Tea?

A cup of chai has several health benefits – it is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, lowers blood pressure, helps manage blood sugar, boosts brain energy and improves cardiovascular health. These qualities are unique to chai because of the spices that go into every cup.


There are uncountable benefits of chai tea. Above we tried to cover as many as possible benefits of it but other than this there are also other chai tea benefits. There are numerous questions regarding chai tea benefits asked on the internet like Is cha tea good for weight loss, Is chai tea good for fatty liver, etc. and the only answer to these questions is ‘Yes’. But don’t forget about the disadvantages of chai tea and  remember the  benefits of chai tea