What Are The Benefits Of Waist Beads? 

Before knowing the benefits of waist beads you should know about waist beads. Because many people might not have heard of waist beads, as it belongs to some specific country like Africa. In simple words, a waist bead is a piece of jewelry worn around the waist or hip area. It is originally from Africa, waist beads are traditionally worn by women as a symbol of waist size, beauty, femininity, fertility, sexuality, well-being, and maturity. Instead of further discussion let’s begin to know the benefits of waist beads

What Are The Benefits Of Waist Beads? 

Here are some benefits of waist beads. They will encourage you to wear them on your waist or hip. 

  1. Adorable Ornament 
  2. Show Love And Care 
  3. Intimacy and Fertility 
  4. Posture 
  5. Spiritual Protection 
  6. Maturity 
  7. Attraction 
  8. Royalty 
  9. Heritage and Pride 
  10. It Improves Blood Circulation 

Benefits Of Waist Beads 

Let’s understand all the benefits of wearing waist beads that are mentioned above in detail. 

  1. Adorable Ornament 

One of the basic advantages of waist beads as attached by women is for beautification. Waist beads are used to bring out the body shape in a sensual manner. When it is used to improve body image, women who hate their body, particularly the stomach, use waist beads in adorning it.

  1. Show Love And Care 

Are waist beads evil? No, instead they show love and care. Because most men love beads and would like to see them on their partner’s bodies. So, men give their women beads to profess, love and affection. Most parents also indulge their daughters by giving them waist beads.

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  1. Intimacy and Fertility 

There are several advantages of waist beads but one of the amazing benefits of wearing waist beads is, it is a symbol of intimacy and fertility. Some women wear specific beads during sex when they are trying to conceive. In other cultures, waist beads are worn under clothing for only the wearer and her chosen partners to see, similar to a special set of lingerie.

  1. Posture 

Does waist beads increase hips? No, instead it helps a person to become more aware of their stomach and posture. The waist beads fit quite differently depending on how one is sitting and breathing. They can serve as a reminder to sit up straight, engage your stomach muscles, relax your back, and breathe properly.

  1. Spiritual Protection 

The spiritual benefits of waist beads will protect a person from sexual diseases and pregnancy. It is believed to serve as a spiritual and magical charm that is capable of protecting them from diseases. People also buy waist beads for their kids to reduce childhood ailments.

  1. Maturity 

There are more than 7 reasons every woman should wear waist beads. They are fashion, a boost of confidence, waist training, maturity and growth, weight watch, spiritual healing, meditation, cultural heritage, seduction, etc. maturity is also one of the reasons behind wearing waist beads. In Ghana, babies are traditionally adorned with waist beads during their naming ceremonies.

  1. Attraction 

Another advantage of waist beads is sexual attraction. They serve as an enchanting tool capable of attracting the male sex to the female. The waist bead is capable of making a sensuous sound, which can attract the attention of those the intention is to attract.

  1. Royalty 

African benefits of waist beads show the royalty of their people. Royal families use beads a lot including waist beads, it is a means of standing out and identifying themselves, especially for queens and princesses.

  1. Heritage and Pride 

Instead of the benefits of African waist beads, it is important that waist beads are the heritage and pride of Africa. Waist beads are a popular way for Black women in the diaspora to connect to their ancestors and celebrate their heritage and cultural practices.

  1. It Improves Blood Circulation 

Are waist beads good for weight loss? Yes, and in addition to weight loss, the waist beads also boost your blood circulation. Waist beads are strands consisting of small beads worn around the waist. These beads have massaging effects that ultimately improve blood circulation for a person.

Now, you know what are the benefits of wearing waist beads. Let’s know some disadvantages of waist beads.

Side Effects Of Waist Beads 

The side effects of waist beads are, 

  1. They can cause infection  
  2. Interfering with exercise 
  3. May break in aggressive love making 
  4. Uncomfortable bead weight 
  5. Waist beads materials can cause allergy 
  6. They are hard to fix on strings 
  7. Some waist beads are habitat for bacteria 
  8. They need to fix it regularly 
  9. Glass beads are breakable 
  10. Uncomfortable while sleeping   

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How Many Waist Beads Should You Wear?

You can wear as few or as many waist beads as you feel comfortable in. Most women wear about 3 or more strands.

Why Can’t You Take Off Waist Beads?

Some waist beads are permanent. That means the string doesn’t stretch, and there’s no clasp to take the beads on or off. They’re designed to stay on your body 24/7 until they break or you decide to cut them off for good. Some removable waist beads are also adjustable or come with extender chains.

What Does It Mean If Your Waist Beads Break?

If the beads are worn as part of spiritual or religious practice, it could also mean that the person is experiencing a crisis of faith. There is no definitive interpretation for this, so it’s best to talk to a trusted friend or spiritual advisor to get their take on what it means when your waist beads break.

Do You Take Off Waist Beads To Shower?

It is perfectly fine to bathe, shower, swim, exercise, and have sex in traditional African waist beads strung on cotton string. Once tied on securely they become an intimate extension of you, and you do everything in them. Just be mindful not to yank on them while pulling your pants down to use the bathroom.

What Is The Power Of Waist Beads?

In some cultures, waist beads are believed to have spiritual powers and are thought to protect the wearer from harm. If you’re interested in trying out African waist beads, there are many different styles and colors.

Do Waist Beads Shape Your Body?

Measurements and Body Shaping
Both traditionally and in modern times, women will wear waist beads to get/keep their bodies intact. It is said that the beads shape your body and keep the waist small and hips accentuated. It was (and still is) used as a measurement tool.

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Waist beads are worn by everyone. They are pretty jewelry, which adorns women, there is nothing to worry about waist beads because they are awesome accessories. While wearing them, you can shower, walk in the rain, swim, go in the water, and clean your waist beads with water without losing the color, brightness, and nature of the material or having any effect. But, keep in mind when you will feel uncomfortable with your bead, you should change it or not keep it on for long knowing the benefits of waist beads