What Are Jade Plant Benefits? 

XThe jade plant benefits will amaze you because it is one of the plants with plenty of benefits and uses. So, this article will tell you what you need to know about the jade plant. There are various names for this plan, including Crassula ovata, lucky plant, money plant, or money tree. The Jade plant is a succulent plant with small pink or white flowers that is native to the KwaZulu Natal and Eastern Cape provinces of South Africa, and Mozambique. So, let’s know the jade plant benefits

7 Jade Plant Benefits

The jade plant benefits you in various ways. Let’s know them. 

  1. Air Purifier 
  2. It Increases Humidity 
  3. It Is A Symbol Of Good Luck 
  4. Easy To Take Care 
  5. It Has Medicinal Properties 
  6. It Absorbs CO2 During Night 
  7. It Can Foster Positive Feng Shui  

Jade Plant Benefits

Let’s understand these jade plant benefits in detail.

  1. Air Purifier 

A healthy jade plant makes the air fresh and free of toxic substances. And it was proved by NASA’s Clean Air Study done in 1989, in which scientists had investigated how plants can purify the air.

  1. It Increases Humidity 

A Chinese jade plant increases indoor humidity level, which is essential to control the temperature. According to the National Asthma Council for Australia, every home should have a humidity level ranging from 30 to 50 %.

  1. It Is A Symbol Of Good Luck 

A lucky jade plant is a symbol of good luck and also it is believed to attract prosperity and fortune in the Asian continent. Also, it can be a perfect wedding favor and housewarming gift for your loved one.

  1. Easy To Take Care 

Actually, it is small in size and soft and it makes the plant easy to take care of. So, the lazy person can also plant this plant. It is slow-growing and grows for years therefore, you don’t need frequent repotting, pruning, and fertilizing as well. So, jade plant care is not that difficult. Therefore, without a doubt, you can put the jade plant in bedroom.

  1. It Has Medicinal Properties 

The Jade plant is rich in medicinal properties, therefore, it is used for medical benefits in China. Also, in Africa, the African tribes extract juice from its leaves and use this juice to treat wounds, stomach upset, warts, and diabetes.

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  1. It Absorbs CO2 During Night 

The jade plant benefits at home are air purifiers and also CO2 observers. So, this will keep you away from various diseases.

  1. It Can Foster Positive Feng Shui 

The Jade Plant Benefits Feng Shui, which promotes both prosperity and friendship. In fact, this plant is a gift to those who are going to start a new business to usher in good luck for their finances. This is about the  Feng Shui Jade Plant Benefits.

So, read about the other benefits of the jade money tree. Keep reading this article till the end.

Other benefits of the jade flower plant will make you more knowledgeable about the jade plant.

 Money Jade Plant Benefits 

The benefits of the jade plant are air purification, medicinal benefits, CO2 absorption, Humidity increase. 

Jade Cache Plant Benefits 

The benefits of the jade plant are similar to the benefits of the money jade plant-like air purification, medicinal benefits, CO2 absorption, Humidity increase. 

Jade Plant Benefits For Skin 

The benefits of the jade plant for the skin are, for skin warts, apply the juice of the jade plant on the face and leave it overnight, do it for three days. 

This is all about the benefits of the jade plant, but you should also know about the disadvantages of the jade plant. 

Jade Plant Disadvantages 

The disadvantages of the jade plant are 

  • Yellowing in mass 
  • Loss of leaves 
  • Lack of flowers 
  • Dropping older leaves 
  • Too little water plus insects and mites 

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Is Jade Plant A Lucky Plant?

Jade Plant is a popular good luck charm in Asia thought to activate financial energies. Jade presence in the house or office is considered auspicious. This beautiful succulent plant has vibrant green leaves that are symbolic of growth and renewal, closely resembling jade coins/stones, symbolic of wealth and prosperity.

Where Should I Put My Jade Plant?

By the same logic, you should place jade plants as close to the entrance of your home as possible. Additionally, the southeast is the best direction to keep this plant. However, make sure that you keep it in the southeast corner of your living room; this plant is not beneficial when kept in the bedroom or bathroom.

Which Type Of Jade Plant Is Lucky?

Crassula ovata, better known as “jade plant”, “lucky plant” or “money tree”, is an extremely popular, easy to care for house plant. It is believed to bring wealth and good luck to owners and is often given as housewarming gifts.

Is Jade Plant Good Inside The House?

Jade plants are succulent houseplants, which makes them fairly resilient and easy to grow indoors—plus, they’re capable of living a long, long time with proper care!

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Do Jade Plants Attract Bugs?

There are really only four insects that seem to infest Jade plants (Crassula argentea) with much regularity. They are mealy bugs, root mealy bugs, scale, and to a lesser extent, spider mites. Mealy bugs will be evident by their white cotton like covering.

Is Jade Plant Good In Bedroom?

Keeping a Jade plant at the entrance of the office or house brings good luck. Jade plants should not be kept in the bathroom or bedroom as they reduce the plant’s positivity.

Which Plant Gives Oxygen 24 Hours?

Areca Palm plant is a popular ornamental houseplant in every Indian household. But not many are aware that it provides oxygen 24*7. This way, it not only adds to the good looks of your space but also turns the surrounding air breathable by working as a natural air purifier.

How Often Should You Water A Jade Plant?

How to Water Jade Plants. Jade plants are succulents (they hold water in their leaves), so they don’t do well when sitting in constantly moist soil, so let the top 1 to 2 inches of soil dry out between waterings. Indoors, this will probably mean watering once every 2 to 3 weeks—but be sure to check regularly!


Now, you know that the jade plant is with tremendous benefits, including health, medicinal, and other as well. But, you may have a question of where to place jade plant in home? Right? So, put it as close to the entrance of your home as possible. You can also keep it close to the windows. Keep as per your convenience, it will add a classy look to your home or office. So, by reading this article you will never forget about the jade plant benefits.

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What are the benefits of having a jade plant in your house