What Are Patchouli Incense Benefits? 

Why should you know about the patchouli incense benefits? Because knowing these benefits will make you more aware of patchouli incense. Do you know what is patchouli? Patchouli is a species of flowering plant in the family called Lamiaceae, commonly called the mint or dead nettle family. Patchouli plant is native to the island region of Southern Asia and is also found in many parts of North East India. So, let’s start without discussing further and know the patchouli incense benefits

6 Patchouli Incense Benefits? 

There are tremendous patchouli incense benefits that make your daily life better. Let us know the patchouli benefits

  1. It may enhance your concentration 
  2. It supports meditation & yoga 
  3. It reduces stress and fatigue 
  4. Good for health 
  5. Repel insects 
  6. Stimulate love & sex 

Patchouli Incense Benefits

Let me explain to you all the patchouli incense benefits in detail.

  1. It May Enhances Your Concentration 

A study claims that people who use patchouli incense at work are more productive and have a better quality of corporate life. It is because patchouli enhances concentration levels by as much as 45 %.

  1. It Supports Meditation & Yoga 

Patchouli incense will benefit you by supporting meditation and yoga. It has a grounding and calming effect and can help you to focus on your breath and your body. So, you can easily finish your yoga as well as meditation.

  1. It Reduces Stress And Fatigue 

Are you suffering from stress and fatigue? Patchouli incense for you, it is the natural alternative for reducing stress and tension. Also, its soothing scent will calm your nerves, lower your heart rate, reduce anxiety, and increase feelings of happiness.

  1. Good For Health 

According to modern research, patchouli incense has some beneficial properties, including antioxidant and anti-microbial effects.

  1. Repel Insects 

One of the common patchouli leaves incense benefits is it may repel many kinds of insects such as ants, fleas, and flies and protects you from serious health conditions. For this, burn some patchouli incense near an entrance of windows where insects are entering your home. This is one of the benefits of burning patchouli incense.

  1. Stimulate Love & Sex 

Patchouli incense effectively stimulates love and sex in both men and women and it is because of its odor.

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The benefits of patchouli incense are not finished yet, but other benefits of it are given below. 

The other benefits of patchouli incense will make you well aware of it. 

Patchouli Incense Spiritual Benefits  

The Patchouli Incense Benefits Spiritual also, and these benefits are, increase money and prosperity, connection with the universe, etc.

Patchouli Incense Sticks Benefits 

The benefits of patchouli sticks are, it acts as a natural stress reliever, they will take away all negative feelings, and many more.

Black Patchouli Incense Benefits 

The benefits of black patchouli incense are, it will help you to relieve depression, provide a feeling of relaxation and help to ease anxiety and stress. 

Patchouli Tea Benefits 

The benefits of patchouli tea are, it is a mood enhancer, sedative, aphrodisiac, digestive health improver, anti-inflammatory, skin and hair health, and insect repellent. 

Patchouli Oil Perfume 

The benefits of patchouli oil perfume are it will give you a fresh and pleasant smell. 

Patchouli Oil For Hair 

You can use patchouli oil for hair to maintain the good health of your hair. Because it is a triple threat against scalp ailments because it is an antiseptic, fungicide, and astringent. 

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Is Patchouli Incense Calming?

Patchouli – By burning Patchouli incense you’ll be promoting a relaxing environment that is sensual and hormonally stimulant. It reduces feelings of lethargy and calms mood swings making it the perfect choice to burn when suffering with your monthly cycle.

What Does The Smell Of Patchouli Do?

Patchouli has a strong, sweet scent that falls into the musky-earthy category. Because of its strong fragrance, it’s often used as a base scent in candles and perfumes. 

Why Did Hippies Use Patchouli?

Some experts suggest that strong-smelling patchouli oil was used by hippies to mask the smell of marijuana that they have used. It was also effective in masking the smell of alcohol. The hippie culture emphasized unbounded love and inclusiveness. 

Does Patchouli Have Healing Properties?

Patchouli essential oil is hailed for its use in skin cell regeneration. Blessed with umpteen active ingredients and anti-bacterial properties, it facilitates wound healing, effectively reduces wrinkles, scars, blemishes, and other signs of ageing.

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Patchouli is a fragrance that has been around for centuries. It’s a strong, earthy smell that is usually associated with flowers, and spice. Patchouli perfumes are popular with both men and women.

Is Patchouli Good For Depression?

Patchouli oil has also been shown useful for people who experience anxiety or stress23 because it can control appetite and reduce depression and stress. In healthy adults, patchouli oil inhalation reduced stress from a high to a medium level25 and reduced sympathetic nerve activity by about 40%.

What Is The Meaning Of 60s Patchouli Incense?

It alludes to righteousness in Indian religions, relating to being honest in one’s idea, discourse, and activity. 60’s Patchouli Incense means that it makes your life less anxious and worrisome by creating a positive impact on every matter of your life.

What Does Patchouli Do To The Brain?

One of the most significant benefits of patchouli essential oil is its ability to soothe the mind and reduce feelings of anxiety or stress. The aroma of this essential oil is grounding and has a calming effect on the nervous system, making it an effective tool for reducing feelings of worry or anxiety.


This article has given you all the possible benefits of the patchouli incense in detail. Many people buy patchouli oil but they face the question of how to dilute patchouli oil? It is simple, so, use as a massage balm, 1 to 2 drops of patchouli essential oil, and dilute it with a carrier oil such as Fractionated Coconut oil. Then you can apply it to the body. So, this is all about the patchouli incense oil and the patchouli incense benefits.

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